How do I know which pages to monitor?

A good place to start would be your most visited pages. Use a tool such as Google Analytics to see which of your site’s pages are the most visited. (Contact Aristotle Labs at  if you need help with this.)

Why would I want change the testing location?

If you are concerned about how your website performs in different locations around the world, you can change your testing location and check its performance in a specific location.

Can I track when something changes on my website so that I know what affect it will have on my site’s performance?

Yes, you can do that through the dashboard by setting a deployment date.

How many pages can I track?

It depends on the package you purchased. You can find this information on the Pricing Page.

Can I test URLs that are not within my domain - for example, can I view my competitor’s site speed?

Yes, you can add your competitor’s page URLs to your project.

How can I share SwiftSage information with my boss?

You can share your graphs by printing them or by using the sharing tools. 

Can you help me understand the three performance metrics on the dashboard?

These are the industry-accepted standards. You can read about them by clicking on the question marks next to TTFB, Perceived Performance and Page Size on the dashboard.

Can I change the default values?

Yes, this can be done by editing the project. The goals are next to each URL and are editable.

Can I get help with setting up my projects?

Yes, Aristotle Labs offers consulting. To find out more, call 501-374-5638 and ask to speak with someone about SwiftSage.


Will I be alerted when my site scores exceed my defined goals?

This is a feature we plan to add in the future. Stay tuned!

How often does SwiftSage test my site?

Every 4 hours.

How often does the dashboard update?

Every 5 minutes.